Tips to Win in Chouette Backgammon

Chouette Backgammon can be an amusing game where players are allowed to gamble. The game should have three participants all placing bets. Players are forced to employ the skills they know in playing backgammon. There are chouette players who use their knowledge in poker where they can bluff. Long time players would even try to read the minds of their opponents.

Below are some of the good strategies people usually use to win:

Play your best game- The best way to ensure a win is to play your best. You don't have to gamble and join the game if you think your skills are not as good as your opponents.

Remember that you can loose your bets- Players should not forget that gambling does not only mean having winners and losers because it can also mean you having no money in the end. Never gamble so much money that you may end up needing money for your daily expenses.

Study the rules. Each game has rules that players need to learn. There are basic rules like rotations and rules for the cubes which are very important in chouette. Beginners should study these well before they can gamble.

Study the opponents. - This is a fun aspect of playing backgammon choutte. Each player has a different pattern and skill and if you can read them then it will serve as your guide in making wise moves. There are opponents who are very careful in using cubes. Some players can take cubes as long as it will go to the box. There are others who will drop cubes if it's not going to the chouette's box. There are players who hesitate on hitting and his opponents will end up putting blots. Reading the other players can tell you which moves to risk and which ones to avoid so they don't get the edge.

The Box is not important- A "box" is a lone player playing versus the others. These are players who get the cube so they can have the box. Getting the box is not important because you miss out other moves.

Learn from others- You will always study from others. You can do this by observing the actions they take on the cube and how they gamble.

Manage Your Money - It is important to know when to settle. You can settle when you have larger cubes. You can give a four or an eight but never any number higher than them. Studying the moves of the other players will be important here because he can also drop his cubes if he is faced with a large one.