Software Backgammon for Mac PC Users

Amusement game software that are Mac (Macintosh) compatible are only few. Accordingly, of the total PC users worldwide, there is only a measly 5 percent Mac users. But a report says this figure can suddenly change due to the availability of Intel processors. But here's good news about backgammon for Mac users.

Software on Expert Backgammon for Mac users is available. It has the following features: It has a mode for two plays, namely heads-up and match. It has the capability for roll outs and could be played with the audio off or on. Backgammon game positions may be saved accurately. They may also be retrieved from the files where they were saved any time. Dice casting is triggered automatically in this game of backgammon for Mac users, or it could be done through a manual provision in the software.

This software on backgammon for Mac PC users can have the positions of the game's checkers or "men" or "soldiers" inverted should the players change mind on colors or sides, and 5 challenging game levels are available to stimulate players of backgammon for Mac users. Players may recant moves should they change mind, and to aid in the careful observation of the play, a selector is available to regulate the speed of checker movements. Expert Backgammon for Mac compliant PCs also has an option for Jacoby Rule application in a heads-up game.

In this innovated software of backgammon for Mac application, print out results or positions of the game may be had for hard-copy record keeping. Match results can also be on display on screen after backgammon sessions, or upon demand through the press of a button, just as with a pip count. In case of a sudden program exit, a particular game of backgammon for Mac users is automatically saved and ready for use for a repeat session. There's also a cube option available.

This software of backgammon for Mac PCs affords a full-screen viewing which suits the eyes for a prolonged viewing, especially during game sessions. The backgammon board of gray and black is contrasted with light gray and blue pips as a kind of backdrop for the red and black chips. Checker movements in this backgammon for Mac users are controlled by arrow and space keys on the keyboard.

Few online amusement rooms are Mac compliant. But with the emergence of new amusement software, like Expert Backgammon for Mac application, and the wonderful work of Intel processing, more players would enjoy backgammon for Mac users.