Backgammon Counter Strategy

Have you ever been in a situation where your opponent has the advantage in a backgammon game? We definitely know how that feels, so we've put up some counter strategies you can use when your opponent has taken the lead in your backgammon game.

Counter strategy #1 -- advanced anchor. Advanced anchors allow you to play bolder moves in backgammon. Since your opponent is in the lead, you can expect him to be on the offensive. One good way to put him on the defensive in backgammon is to set up an advanced anchor. An anchor on the five-point works very well, so try to establish one on that part of the backgammon board.

Just in case you're behind and you see your opponent making an advanced anchor, it will definitely be a good idea to set one up yourself.

An anchor is such a useful tool in backgammon. This useful in slowing down your opponent. Pretty useful to make you catch up in a backgammon game.

Counter strategy #2 -- don't abandon the anchor. Since you really are behind in the game, the anchor you set up might just be your only chance to turn things around. A really bad move when you're behind in a backgammon game is to break your anchor too early and miss a lot of opportunities.

Counter strategy #3 -- hit when you can. When you're in a situation where you need to choose between hitting your opponent's checker on the enemy's side of the backgammon board and making a point in your own home board, the better choice is to hit.

You're already behind in the backgammon game. By hitting your opponent's checker, you send it back to zero. Doing so gives you a great chance to catch up in a backgammon game.

If you're in a situation when you don't really know what to do then by all means keep hitting. Hitting isn't a very bad move in backgammon. In fact, it is a great move when you're really behind in a backgammon game. It's like dragging your opponent behind you when you're in a race.

Counter strategy #4 -- bear off when you manage to take the lead. If you do manage to take the lead and turn things around, then hurry! Bear off your checkers as soon as you have the chance. It is better not to give your opponent the chance to retake the lead.

When you are behind in a game of backgammon, it will be frustrating not knowing what to do. By doing any counter strategy that is applicable to your situation, you will have a chance to turn your backgammon game around.